Disney-comics digest #407.

James Williams James_Williams at ESS.NIAID.pc.niaid.nih.gov
Thu Aug 18 18:43:27 CEST 1994


>Among other items, I bought issues of FANTASTIC FEARS, CLIMAX, TERRORS 
>my sets.

It bothers me that you and many other comic professionals don't 
read or purchase any modern comics.  There are some very good comics 
being produced.  

>I did find out later that Heidi MacDonald, who was supposed to show 
>up on this Digest but never has for some reason, was offended that 
>she wasn't invited to be on the panel as representing the Disney TV

About two weeks after I asked Heidi to join this list, I double checked
with her and she was receiving it.  Per should be able to tell us if
Heidi is still subscribed.  I don't want to offened either David or
Heidi, but I do think that Heidi MacDonald and Hildy Mesnik should have
been invited to this panel.

>So, now I'm curious -- is there any interest here in what
>happens to the "Rescue Rangers" or in a "Tale Spin" comic book? 

Thought they have appeared occasionaly in Disney Adventures Digest,
there haven't been RR or TS comics published since the Disney
implosion.  I bought both of those series and currently purchase DAD 
and Marvel's Disney comics.  In fact, I think Beauty and The Beast is
probably the best title Marvel publishes.

Why would a 30 year old man purchase Marvel's children's comics? 
Because they are fun.  The stories ranges from average to good.  The
artwork ranges from good to excellent.  They have stories (something
most super-hero comics lack).  They don't crossover into other titles.

>Was an important topic missed by not discussing Disney TV comics on 
>the San Diego panel?

Again, I wasn't there and refuse to criticize David.  I think the
question should be - should *we* ignore these comics.  I don't think so.
When Marvel's Disney Afternoon title begins next month, they will
become the #1 publisher of Disney comics in the US.

James Williams

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