Getting into Dutch...

M. Mitchell Marmel marmelmm at
Tue Dec 13 18:49:28 CET 1994

>like "Surr-tenly! Det's my geop". But would that be a clear Dutch
>accent to an American reader?

As an American, I read 'geop' as 'jee-awp'.  Maybe 'chob' or 'jop'?

>I can imagine that some Dutch readers would be offended if their language
>would be treated like "slightly mingled German".

Sort of like someone from Loo-ee-ville being depicted as having a heavy Noo
Yawk accent, eh, Don?  (grin)

>which are _always_ negative, are banned in the political correct USA.
>So no Dutch uncle, Dutch treat, double Dutch, etc. etc.

Not so much banned as simply out of fashion.  More's the shame; most US
kids nowadays simply aren't being raised with as rich a background in idiom
as we were back in the old days...

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