Scrooge In Disney Store (Was: Assorted Stuff)

Steve Crooks scrooks at
Thu Dec 22 16:38:38 CET 1994

> RE: Uncle Scrooge Tie

Occasionally I will stop by our local Disney store to check for Scrooge items.
Of course it is very rare that I will actually find anything, and even more
rare that I find something worth buying.  But I always make a point to bug
one of the employees and ask if they have any Scrooge stuff.   I've gotten
various replies including, "we had some t-shirts last week", "we get a lot of
requests for that but don't have anything", and "here's the main Disney
Merchandise number that you can call for more information."  I never called,
knowing that I probably couldn't afford anything anyway, but if you're really
desparate you might want to try that route.  My hope is that by asking every
once in a while, the demand might filter back up the chain.  It hasn't worked

The one thing I've bought is a little ceramic Scrooge figure that was on
sale for $4.  He stands on my desk at work.  I would very much like to have
a decent Scrooge tie.


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