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On Sat, 31 Dec 1994 GaryB98294 at aol.com wrote:

>    One item I wish I had gotten was a tin $crooge Money Vault that was being
> sold at Disney/MGM Studios a few years ago. 

Well, now when were talking Scrooge items and Coin Banks. i was once told 
by an american on this net that one of the rarest Scrooge collectors 
items was a swedish coin bank. It features a very watchful (Scary for 
little kids, eh?) Scrooge sitting on a Gilded treasure chest.
it was manufactured for the Swedish Savings bank - Sparbanken in the 
early seventies, I think, by OY MK-TUOTE AB in Finland . It features a 
Scrooge with blue coat (at least, my copy) but I've heard stories about 
other colours, including red. There's possibly a finnish version.

Now, my question is, have anyone heard of it in the US? Why would someone 
in the US consider it so "rare"?  It's rather expensive even here in 
Sweden, but I can't consider it "rare".

Have any of you lurkers from Finland anything to add?

Does anyone from Sweden know more about this?

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