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Fredrik Ekman d91fe at
Fri Feb 4 16:49:43 CET 1994

Ole wrote:
> From: Fredrik
> -------------
> >[...] some issue of a weekly Mickey Mouse that featured not only "The
> >Bees Have It" by William Van Horn, but also one of Jippes' re-drawn
> >JW stories.
> Both have been published in Sweden, and if you want English text why
> not try DDAD#4 and the CBL? I admit I don't know which JWW story you
> are talking about, so far three have been published in Denmark.

Yes, both have been published in Sweden. But at that time, the JW story
hadn't. And from my quick look I thought the colours and printing looked
pretty good, so I wanted it all the same.

> BTW: How come I can't mail you?

Good question! But if you have trouble reaching me at d91fe at,
you can try d91fe at instead.


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