Disney-comics digest #233.

Mark Semich mas at cs.bu.edu
Sun Feb 6 17:33:05 CET 1994

>From: Don Rosa <72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM>

>	How much does young $crooge age through part I? It opens in 1877
>(as noted on the cover) and ends in 1880 -- just 3 years. You noticed
>the sprouting of the sideburns? Did you also notice how his eyes join
>his beak in adult-Duck style?

As a matter of fact, I did.  :-)  But not until *after* I'd sent my

>I just found a copy of U$ #285 today, and what *I* noticed was
>$crooge's BROWN HAIR! I never intended him to have BROWN HAIR! Now I'm
>trying to figure out why he won't have that same BROWN HAIR all the
>way until the end of part XI when he's getting old. I need to call
>Gladstone and see if I can put a stop to THAT! I was also distressed
>to see Pa with the same brown hair, but perhaps that will help the
>more stupid readers (the ones Disney is always catering to) to not
>think that Pa is $crooge if they just look at the pictures.

The one thing that I didn't like in "Life and Time of $crooge McDuck"
was that *all* of the ducks had some sort of colored hair.  There were
no all-white Donald/HD&L looking ducks.  Scrooge had brown hair, his
Pa had brown hair, Jake had grey hair, his Ma had sometimes blond,
sometimes brunette, Seafoam had brown, all of the clan McDuck (in the
flashbacks) had brown hair, Matilda was blond and Hortense a redhead.
Quackly McDuck also had brown hair.

As far as I know, *none* of Barks' ducks ever had any sort of colored
hair.  It seems extremely bizarre on a duck, and now, by extension, it
implies that Donald, Daisy, and HD&L are bald!  Was this your idea, or

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