Hair o' the Duck, and NEWS from John Clark!!

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Tue Feb 8 02:19:48 CET 1994

	Dear Folks,

	Don Rosa said, "NO male Ducks should have any hair 
color but WHITE."  Brings to mind a quote, doesn't it:  "He looks 
just like you, Unca Donald, except that his hair is black!"  And the
duck Rabbi I mentioned in "On Stolen Time" has black hair, too.  And
*what* about Gladstone Gander?  I think it's safe to say that *most*
Ducks have white hair, but not *all* of them.  (When Barks -- or
Daniel Branca for that matter -- draws a big muscular lug of a duck,
he's usually got hair that's black or some nonwhite color, too.)

	I talked with John Clark today.  What with the inexplicable
cancellation of WDCiC, the 60th Birthday stuff is going into DD 286,
to be released early in June.  The comic will be just like WDCiC 1 was
planned to be, aside from (I'm just guessing) a different logo on the

	Actually, John told me it would be DD 285, but he said "the
June issue" and thus 286 seems only right.  Besides, 285 has already
been solicited, and is merely the standard Barks/Taliaferro mix.  And
it ships in April -- kinda early, noting as how the issue is just
getting into production now.

	Meanwhile, a Jippes Scrooge story will be backing up the Lo$
part 3, I think.  And backing up part 4 will be, I believe, one of the
Danish stories I dialogued, although it hasn't been decided which one,
yet.  Meanwhile the Scarpa story "Uncle Scrooge and the Feast of
Assurbanipal" (original title: "The Lentils of Babylon") is scheduled
for the Thanksgiving issue of USA (the few issues before it haven't
been scheduled yet, but that one needed to be scheduled because it has
references to Thanksgiving in it).

	And meanwhile again, John mentioned that new Gottfredsons
would be appearing after "The Pirate Ghostship", apparently.  This
means that WDC&S' MM material will go "new" around #597.  Although he
didn't mention "The Sheriff of Nugget Gulch" -- who knows whether that
one will be re-run?

	(John said that the two Gottfredsons that were in the Giant
Album series were too long for WDC&S given the current bi-monthly

	DONALD AND MICKEY will have a recent Dutch MM story in it 
after "Don't Call Me Tut," and the two issues of that have another
foreign story (he didn't remember what that was).  After that we have
another Goofy History story...  I actually don't mind them only once
in a while.  It's when they monopolize all the issues that I'm not

	Last, WDC&S may go to thicker issues in 1995.  A long way off,
but it's going to happen, because a lot of readers want wolves, bugs,
and rabbits with their Mice and Ducks there.  (Myself included.)

	That's all for now, folks.

	Your friend,

	David Gerstein (pronounced 'Gersteen' but NOT spelt that way)

	"I'm the Fuller Brush Man!  I'm givin' g'way free semple!"
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