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>I got some remarks from Per and David about the new version of the 'story-
>codes' file on ftp. I'll make the discussion public in case anyone knows
>The debate is about the 'intermezzos' in the European 'pocket books'
>between the Italian stories. There are pages between the various
>stories making the entire contents of a book one story.
>David wrote to me:
>>       I now have decisive proof that
>> the Intermezzos in older pocket books are French -- I have a French
>> pocket book from the late 1960s.  It contains Scarpa's "MM as the
>> Emperor of Calisota," as well as some other stories... The issue has
>> the intermezzos, well prior to when the Germans published
>> pocket-books.
>And Per wrote, that he thought (or knew?) that the intermezzos are
>Italian, he even knew the name of the artist (?)
>Could you give us some more information, Per? (Or someone else?)


As the owner of the whole collection of Italian pocket-books since 1957, I
can assure you that the author was Italian. It was Giuseppe Perego, one of
the few  contributors to Disney books who were employed by Mondadori (all
the others, included Scarpa and Carpi, worked freelance): he was the author
of almost all the covers of "Albi della Rosa", also, and of some other
books (some "Topolino", some pocket-book). He is also the writer of thre
Intermezzos: it is a pity that his drawning is so crude that makes the
Intermezzos almost not readable...
Perego did the Intermezzos till n.67 (I think) of the second series of
pocket books (the first runs 71 issues from 1957 to 1971 in a higly
irregular schedule, the current series is a monthly, with more than 200
issues so far), when Mondadori decided to stop them: from that issues, the
pocket books became simply anthologies of previously published stories,
losing, IMHO, most of his appeal...

A last thing: all the other European editions of pocket books are simply
reprintings of the Italian edition (same cover and all), comprising the
French and German edition Per and David were referring to.

And this is for Harry: I talked to Becattini, and he told me that he will
send you personally a copy of the Index (or maybe I'll send you a copy,
with all the other stuff I have to send you). And this is for all of you:
who sent money to "Al fumetto Club", and never received anything? Write me,
and I'll try to do something...

Bye for now,

Fabio (no, NOT the model...)

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