more credit where it's due

Wilmer Rivers rivers at seismo.CSS.GOV
Sun Jan 2 07:13:19 CET 1994

Don Rosa writes:
> 	When I went to work for Egmont in 1990, they soon thereafter
> started printing full credits in all the European Egmont countries (I'm
> not sure if my presence had anything to do with it -- it was never
> something I asked them for), but Disney soon demanded they stop due (so
> I hear) to European laws that say that if a writer or artist gets
> printed credits he then gains some form of ownership in his own creation
> (an idea intolerable to Disney!).

I can just see it now: "Mickey's Christmas Carol!  Starring characters
from the Walt Disney Corporation!  Story, dialog, and art copyrighted by
the Walt Disney Corporation!  Based on a concept by a dead English guy."

Or am I being just a bit **too* cynical?

Wilmer Rivers

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