+Postage Due+Disney-comics digest #205.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM
Fri Jan 7 15:23:23 CET 1994

	Say, you brought up a VERY obvious point that never occurred to
me... and which I must now ask the Swedish listeners about:
	Regardless that "farbror" (sic?) indicates that $crooge is
Donald's paternal uncle, how could anyone ever accept this as being
accurate if they have two different last names????

	About Mouseton -- that's just what I'd expected! I had never
heard the name until Disney Comics used it, and in light of everything
they did to poor Mickey, from super-villain penguins to the Phantom
Blot's niece wearing a Blot suit and being named "Blottie", I would
resist its usage vehemently were it up to me. I wish to wipe away
evrything from those 38 months the way they did in DALLAS when Pam
dreamed a season of episodes. But if everyone else accepts it, I'll go
along. I prefer, however, not to believe Mouseton is in Calisota, but is
somewhere on the eastern seaboard, keeping Mickey as far from Duckberg
as can be managed.
	No, I didn't use Clarabelle in my 60th Birthday story. Barks
drew her in some Daisy Duck stories, and he also drew Clara Cluck in
some of those, and Dumbo in one Grandma Duck tale, and maybe other
atrocities! But Barks did not WRITE those stories. Therefore I am free
to ignore them.

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