Jippes, Kabatek, Rota (Re: RoC)

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at research.ptt.nl
Fri Jan 14 16:05:03 CET 1994

Ole "RoC" Reichstein wrote:
> Geir couldn't be bothered to read his free copy of Norwegian Donald
> Duck. You should give #1/1994 a chance as it contains a recordbreaking
> 27 pages of Dutch stories, of which only the Mau Heymans story made it
> into the other Nordic issues. You - on the other hand - may feast your
> eyes on a Jippes 10 pager just-like-if-not-better-than-Barks (H 7418).

This is THE best Jippes story ever made. It was first published in the
Dutch DD 43, 1977, the 25th anniversary issue. Jippes made the script in
1974 (hence the code H7418), but he penciled it not before 1976, and then 
the editors let Ben Verhagen ink it. For several months after publication
I thought the story was a Barks story (we only had very incomplete Barks
indexes then...)

The story was reprinted in the first Gladstone WDC issue. I'm surprised
it hasn't been printed before in Norway, but maybe this is a REprint?

> Harry doesn't like pocket books Made in Italy, but only 14 have been
> published in Holland, whereas Danes can pick up #150 this month.

No, there have been more than 100 in Holland. They started with a new
series twice. The 1st series had numbers 1-11, the 2nd series 1-77 or so.
The 3rd series (issues 1-14) are all in colour, while the
previous series were half b/w. All books are translated from German.

And there are a few Italian stories in the pocket books that I do like...

> In Norway it's #64 and the Germans must be close to #200.

Germany published over 220 "Lustige Taschenbuecher", plus some other digest-
sized books called "Donald Duck". They also reprinted and re-reprinted all
of this in "Jumbo" books.
These books are on sale in many Dutch places where a lot of Germans come.

I once saw a reprint of a Gottfredson story in a pocket book (some "ghost"
story from the 40s), and they sometimes have S-coded stories (Strobl) as

BTW: One of the Danish pocket books seems to have a cover by Ulrich Schroeder,
based on a sketch by Barks. It shows Donald and the nephews slicing a pie.
I saw a very small copy in an ad.
I think the Carl Barks Library also mentions this sketch. Does anyone
know more about this?

(In the next quote, @ is an unreadable character on my PC)
> Did Adolf Kabatek really do the "Treasure Chest" series? He is only
> credited for the idea, and in CB&Co.#18 an Alfonso Molin@ from Spain
> tells that Francisco Bargad@ runs the Recreo Studio in Barcelona. They
> make S-coded stories and "recently did [...] Der Regengott von Uxmal."
> That's ten years ago.

The Treasure Chest stories were the first subject I ever put on this list.
I think we concluded then that Kabatek _wrote_ the stories. In the album
about Scotland, there is an introductory text about "the editor who went
to Scotland", meaning Kabatek. So it's likely he wrote the stories (and most
of the others.)

Recreo also does stories for Egmont.

> (translated from Danish by Ole Reichstein in January 1994)

Thank you very much!
It seems our short summary of Rota stories was quite complete ("quite" in
the Van-Horn-list sense of the word 8-).

> Marco Rota was born on September 18.th 1942 in Milan. He did his first
> professional job at the age of 16, but it would take another 13 years
> before he had his first Disney story published. It was "Topolino e la
> tigre col fiocco" from June 6.th 1971 in Topolino #10.

Can someone translate this title? 


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