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This is your nowadays rather quiet list administrator speaking.  (I
remember when I wrote it.... )
I think the last time I wrote was when I asked Don about "his"
birthdates for the ducks.  Thanks for providing them!

JWW emblem
Don also wrote about the JWW emblem of the Junior Woodchucks that 
> Barks has made more use of the JWW emblem in the paintings of the
> past 20 years than he ever did in the comics. I don't think he used
> the initial-emblem more than a half-dozen times in the old comics...
> maybe not even that many.

Last year when I made some very authentic JWW medals with my brother
to distribute during a JWW summer camp I searched through my comics
looking for close-ups of the emblem and other JWW trivia.  There is a
good one in WDC 132 (1:6, meaning page 1, panel 6), and one on a
building in WDC 158 (7:2).  It's also seen for instance in WDC 282 and
both on a flag and a cap in "Christmas for Shacktown".  The emblem is
also shown on the front cover of The Junior Woodchucks' Guidebook in
the picture of it by Barks where it is seen most clearly (I think),
i.e., in "The Seven Cities of Cibola" (14:2).  That front cover is
also shown (with emblem) in "The Golden Fleecing", although not as
clearly.  (But it doesn't look the same for instance in US 5 (15:4)!)

Well, I don't know if anyone cared about that, but I happened to still
have the notes I made then.  But here is a question on the JWW emblem.
I know that I have had some book, probably in maths but I'm not sure,
with an emblem of the publishing house somewhat resembling the JWW
emblem.  I can't find such a book in my bookcase right now, and I
don't remember what publisher it was.  Does this ring a bell to
anyone?  Ultimately I'd like to know if the resemblance is just by
chance or if there were some Barks fans who did this on purpose.

Paul Murry
David wrote:
> Sounds like Rota may like some elements of Murry's art, but not his
> scripts... which actually WEREN'T his most of the time, but Carl
> Fallberg's and Don Christiansen's

Right.  So I don't find his praising Murry strange at all, even though
he doesn't like the stories.  (And besides, Murry has done other stuff
than the Mouse for Disney.)  "Most of the time"? As I've heard it
Murry *never* wrote anything.

Well, that was just two unrelated items.  There are many other things
I planned to comment on, but that'll have to wait.  (BTW, I liked your
subject line "Gus Goose and Stefan Dios (no connexion!)", Mattias. :-)
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