JWW logo, and other Dutch Rosa news

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at research.ptt.nl
Tue Jan 18 12:18:14 CET 1994

> Someone -- was it Torsten? -- asked why there are two "W" in the Woodchucks
> logo -- JWW. I seem to recall that the full name of the organisation is 
> actually "Junior Woodchucks of the World". Or am I wrong?

Don already mentioned this full name. In Dutch, it could be translated to
"Jonge Woudlopers van de Wereld" (= JWW).


I (finally) phoned Jos Beekman, the Dutch editor of DD Extra. He said that GP 
(formerly Oberon) orders foreign stories in bulk orders, which means one big
box of stories every 2 months or so. They already ordered the Danish version 
of "Guardians of the Lost Library", so they won't use a corrected Gladstone

Jos also said it was not a goal for them to publish ALL Rosa stories. They
would only publish the good ones. But nowadays, most Rosa stories are good
ones, said Jos.

The 60th birthday story will probably not be published in Holland this year.
They simply don't have the manpower or time to order and colour foreign
stories other than in the usual way (that's what Jos said).

And they are thinking about publishing your family tree somewhere in 1994,
but they don't know how yet. Grandma's position in the tree will be a problem
in Holland... I warned Jos again about Hortense _not_ being Grandma in
your Lo$ stories. He hasn't seen part 10 yet (where Hortense meets Grandma),
but he'll keep it in mind. We'll see what they make of it...


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