Disney-comics digest #215.

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	As for "revisionism", it's a fact of life if we intend to do
anything with Disney comics as long as Disney is mixed up in it. I knew
I was going to use Bombie the Zombie in my Lo$, and I knew Disney would
never allow the original version, so I don't think it was a mistake to
revise him to a supposedly acceptable form. Of course, I expect BIG
trouble when we get to that chapter as I think Disney will now not allow
even a revised Bombie. And then there's those death scenes of $crooge's
parents! What fun lies ahead!

	Why will Disney allow "collector's editions" of their uneditted
MM cartoons, but not extend the same respect for the comic books? Easy.
Disney HAS no respect for the comic books! Disney never had anything to
do with the comic books! And they make no substantial profit from the
comic books. All they want out of the comic book licensee is as little
trouble as possible; they don't care about "art" or "history" or
anything else -- they just don't want to get one single letter from a
schoolma'rm in Boise about something she saw in a Gladstone comic. Why
should they care about something that they had no hand in creating and
make neglible money from?

	There are two "W"s in the Woodchuck emblem because the full name
is the Junior Woodchucks of the World. Also, did you know the full name
of their guidebook? The Junior Woodchuck Guidebook and Resevoir of
Inexhaustable Knowledge.

	How can I explain the impossibility of placing comic books at
check-out lines any more clearly for you??? TIME and LIFE and TV GUIDE
and all those other magazines sell HUGE numbers to the adults standing
in the checkout line. Look at how much space one TIME magazine takes up
and how well it sells and who is buying it. Now look at how much space
six Gladstone comics would take up, how few people are buying them, and
who those people are. Think about what you're saying! The idea is
ludicrous!!! I would bet it might cost Gladstone a cool MILLION DOLLARS
to buy check-out rack space for their comic line -- and where will they
GET that extra space? Out of the 4th dimension? Why would TIME and LIFE
and TV GUIDE relinquish their contracts to make room for Gladstone
comics??? You aren't really thinking about how much space and how much
money that idea would require. It is I M P O S S I B L E.
	Why can't I put the JWW emblem in the art and let the foreign
publishers blot it out? The Americans are the foreign publishers! Why
should I put something in every panel of art that would require all that
useless effort for dozens of publishers around the world, when the
publisher who is the least significant (though dear to my heart) can
place the emblem IN the empty circles??? I must leave MANY MANY
background gags out of my art which require lil' signs because I am not
doing comics for Americans any longer. That's the way it is.

	Yes, I don't know why the color was off-register in my
Lillehammer story, but the art was "muddy" as well. Apparently the
photostats which came from Europe weren't too good and they had to shoot
them "dark" and even, I think, shoot some pages off common xeroxes I
once sent to John just for him to see what I was working on. I sure hope
the Lo$ comes out better!!!!!!!

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