Disney-comics digest #216.

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Wed Jan 19 16:36:53 CET 1994

David Gerstein writes:

	Let's see how this stacks up.  I'll list all the
racially-sensitive Disney cartoons (both censored on and banned from 
the Disney Channel) and see how many are available on tape.  A few
just have momentary offensive sequences, but they're there.  (I'll
indicate those with an asterisk like this *.)  I'm not including War
Bond promotional 'toons -- those aren't "regular" cartoons.

	JUNGLE RHYTHM (1929)  On Disney Channel's banned list for
"black caricatures" -- actually MONKEYS with TAILS which because they
were black were mistaken for black natives!!  (They are smaller than
Mickey,  act like apes, the whole schmeer)  This is not on tape, but
because the Disney video dept. works apart from the Disney Channel I
can't imagine why this inoffensive cartoon WON'T be on the second disc
set in their "MM Black and White Years" series.
	CANNIBAL CAPERS (1930)  Not on tape or TV.
	*MICKEY STEPS OUT (1931)  Cut on TV;  uncut on recent disc.
	*THE GROCERY BOY (1932)  Cut for the Disney Channel (but
apparently not on any of their current shows anyway);  not on tape.
	*MICKEY'S NIGHTMARE (1932)  Cut on TV;  uncut on recent disc.
	TRADER MICKEY (1932)  Not on tape or TV.
	*MICKEY IN ARABIA (1932)  Cut on TV;  not on tape.
	MICKEY'S MELLERDRAMMER (1933)  Not on tape or TV.
	*WHO KILLED COCK ROBIN (1935)  Cut on TV;  not on tape.
	BROKEN TOYS (1935)  Not on tape or TV.
	MICKEY'S MAN FRIDAY (1935)  Not on tape or TV.
	MOTHER GOOSE GOES HOLLYWOOD (1938)  Cut very heavily on TV;
uncut on 1985 tape, and probably banned from tape today.
	PANTRY PIRATE (1941)  Cut on TV;  uncut on current tape.
	FIGARO AND CLEO (1943)  Heavily cut on TV;  not on tape.
	DER FUEHRER'S FACE (1943)  Not on tape or TV.
	COMMANDO DUCK (1944)  Cut very heavily on "The Wonderful World
of Disney" and NOT shown on the Disney Channel at all;  not on tape.
	HOW TO BE A SAILOR (1945)  Cut on TV;  uncut on 1985 tape, and
probably banned from tape today.
	*UNCLE DONALD'S ANTS (1949)  Cut on TV;  I don't know if this
is on tape.	
	*TWO-GUN GOOFY (1955)  This is cut on TV;  I don't know if 
this is on tape.

	So Disney has a very mixed record with the cartoons.  They
also censor MANY of them for VIOLENCE (stuff which is considered
perfectly okay by Warner Bros' censors) on the Disney Channel, and
those are always uncut on tape WHEN they've been issued.

<end quote>

That doesn't look like a mixed record to me.  Everything released on tape
or disc is UNCUT!

And my memory may be faulty, but off the top of my head, I also remember
racial sterotypes (don't forget to include Indians and Mexicans) in "African
Diary", "Californy 'er Bust", "For Whom the Bulls Toil", "Tea for Two Hundred". 
All may be found uncut.  "Spare the Rod" which features Huey, Dewey and Louie
dressed up as Indians and putting Donald in a pot is also cut.  I've never
seen an uncut version, so I don't know if they are removing violence or

Heck, even "Peter Pan" and "Fantasia" have stereotypes.  "Fantasia" has
already been edited once, but still has the black/zebra centaurs in it.

<quoth the Rosa>

	Why will Disney allow "collector's editions" of their uneditted
MM cartoons, but not extend the same respect for the comic books? Easy.
Disney HAS no respect for the comic books! Disney never had anything to
do with the comic books! And they make no substantial profit from the
comic books. All they want out of the comic book licensee is as little
trouble as possible; they don't care about "art" or "history" or
anything else -- they just don't want to get one single letter from a
schoolma'rm in Boise about something she saw in a Gladstone comic. Why
should they care about something that they had no hand in creating and
make neglible money from?


But if they don't care about the comics, then why do they edit them?  Why
are they interested at all in what goes on in comic book corner of their
business, if they have such disrespect?

Oh, well on to lighter fare.

Don, have you used Ludwig von Drake in any of your stories?  All I can
remember is a cameo in your "Pied Piper of Duckburg" art.

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