Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Thu Jan 20 09:22:09 CET 1994

> But in Holland is Grandma thought to be Donald's MOTHER?

Yes. Just like in Germany. Haven't we been through this before?

> 	In America, Grandma can't be a McDuck-turned-Duck unless (as you
> want) she is DD's mother and U$'s scottish sister. Why can't this be
> true? Well, I guess the only reason is that it's not the idea I ever got
> from reading the American comics

And the only "proof" I have seen in Barks comics is the title of the story
"Donald's Grandma Duck". Is there really no other indication somewhere else?
I'm just curious. Unless someone comes with "proof" in other stories, I
think we've talked enough about Grandma...

> 	So, what WILL GP do when they get to my chapter where Grandma's
> son marries $crooge's sister? They hafta do SOMETHING. What do you
> expect they'll do?

I really don't know. Jos (of GP) told me something about Donald's mother
(in the Lo$ parts I haven't read yet), and it seems impossible to me to
fit such a character with Grandma's. But the Germans did it...

> 	I'm curious about these "unsubscribers". 

The unsubscriptions could be of students that don't have access
to their (free) account anymore. I think that, in the beginning
of a new year, the computer maintainers clean up the accounts. They see
what kind of mail is left in the mailboxes, and just send an 'unsubscribe'
to all relevant mailing lists. That would explain why these messages go to
the list, in stead of to 'disney-comics-request', where they should go.
Well, it's just a theory.


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