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Torsten Wesley Adair torsten at
Fri Jan 21 06:17:10 CET 1994

On Tue, 18 Jan 1994, David A Gerstein wrote:
> 	Hi, Folks!
> 	A few things to put in my two cents about today:
> 	Torsten on selling comics in supermarkets
> 	======================================================
> 	"Time/Warner places People and Life by checkouts.  If DC 
> Comics (owned by Warner) had the rights to Disney, they'd probably 
> be there by now.  I wouldn't be surprised if the new Looney Tunes 
> comic book is place near checkouts."
> 	HUH?  NEW LOONEY TUNES COMIC BOOK???!  I didn't know about
> this!  Have you actually seen such an item, or do you just mean that
> activity magazine with about 4 pages of subpar comics that's been sold
> for years?
> 	If there's a new LT comic line finally appearing in this
> country, it's time to start pressuring DC to reprint Carl Barks'
> "Porky Pig of the Mounties" -- that Barks Bear Book is a pretty muddy
> reprint, and it ain't in color either, Doc.

	DC did a LT/MM miniseries a few years ago.  The new series was
announced in the trades a few weeks ago.  Look in DC Direct Currents for
more info.
	The PPotM is a good idea.  I remember reading LT/MM comic book
stories, and they weren't too bad (aside from the Road Runner being male,
having kids, and talking, and Honey Bunny, blech, it ruins the entire
homosexual humor of Bugs).  I wonder what other gems there are?  If I
remember correctly, Porky was given the role of an adventurer who didn't
want the job.

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