The Big Bad Jewish Wolf

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Mon Jan 24 02:02:35 CET 1994

On Sun, 23 Jan 1994 14:23:58 -0500, David A Gerstein wrote:

>	Please, Tryg, not GerNstein!  So many people think of Leonard
>Bernstein when they hear my name and then throw in that extra N!  Fer
>gosh sakes!  ;-)  Anyway, I'll let it slide this time.  But next
>time.... hee!  hee!  hee!
>	"What's that, Boss?"
>	"Shut up, Ratface!"  >WHACK!<

Well OK, if you're going to call out Magica I'll make a special effort to 
leave out at least one of those n's...   :)

>crack we hear a Jewish Klezmer (sp?) band playing.  However, there
>seems to be a jump in the music after he speaks, suggesting that
>something was indeed removed, and smoothed over with a BIT of new
>animation.  The melody goes this way:
>	G F Eb D C D Eb G F G Ab F G
>	   >Cut?<         F G Ab F G
>	It would seem that perhaps the entire tune played through
>twice originally, but that the first half was cut for the reissue when
>the animation was changed.  Tryg, might you be able to listen closely
>and see if you hear that melody the way I have it, or if it's more
>elaborate, on your tape?

Well I listened to both versions repetedly but didn't detect any 
difference in the length of the two pieces of music.  In both cases the 
pieces start immediately after Practial asks, "who's there?"  They both 
end immediately after the wolf finishes his pitch and just before 
Practical says "thank you!"  The melody seemed different than what you 
depicted above, but I couldn't tell you what notes were played.  (It almost 
seemed like the same sequence of notes that you show, but starting and 
finishing at different points...)  

One thing I did notice after listening to those peices over and over, was
that Zeke was pronouncing "away" as "g'way" so the second sentence of his 
pitch is "I'm giving g'way free sample."  

If I get really ambitious, I'll reconnect my tape recorder to the stereo 
and try playing both soundtracks simultaneously in different channels.  
Don't hold your breath on me doing that, though...

>	No wonder the Wolf never wanted to join Li'l Bad in
>celebrating Christmas!

That's for sure!  But, now I'm beginning to wonder about his obsession for 
pork! :)

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