Fredrik Ekman d91fe at
Mon Jan 24 05:11:38 CET 1994

Gary wrote:
>Egmont isn't entirely unconstrained by Disney, but what you said pretty much 
>hit the proverbial nail a smart rap. Several years ago I heard that Indonesia 
>(I think it was Indonesia) nationalized the Disney characters, claiming they 
>were the property of the people of that country and so not subject to the 
>dictates of The Walt Disney Company as to their use in that country. It was a 
>fascinating bit of hearsay, but I never heard any more about it. Has anyone 

I haven't heard anything about this before, but I do as a matter of fact
happen to own a couple of Indonesian "Donal Bebek" (Donald Duck) comic
books. Gary; do you know anything about when this supposed "nationali-
zation" was?

Unfortunately those comics are at my parents' home, but unless anyone
provides any additional info before I visit them next time (in about two
weeks, if all goes as planned), I'll check them out to see if anything can
be deduced from them.

I'm afraid I haven't practised my Indonesian properly lately, so I can't
actually read them, but I can look for copyright messages or the like.

Also, Mattias' brother Jakob happens to have one Indonesian "Donal Bebek"
in NAFS(k)'s comic library. It is Jakob who is in charge of that, right?
Perhaps Mattias will be able to check that one before I can get to mine?


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