Disney-comics digest #372.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at compuserve.com
Fri Jul 1 02:38:19 CEST 1994

	I doubt if I have any subconcious prejudices against using women
in my Duck stories. But in DD, U$ and HD&L I feel like I have all the
characters I need for my simply plotted adventures. If I came up with a
story that necessitated the creation of some strong female character, I
wouldn't hesitate to use her.
	But... what about MAGICA?! How much stronger a female do you
need than her? And I HAVE used her in 4 stories, even though you've only
seen one of them so far.

	Somebody wished me a happy b'day and made some other comments,
but I don't know who it was... somebody named "KEDDYBD"?

	So, does NAFS(k) know about Grandey and his FAX-letter yet? I
wish somebody would ask him about it at one of those press conferences
he controls so stringently. Hah!
	I know that I showed DD as being a dull-witted American in
GotLL... and I know I showed him in Lo$ #12 as thinking U$ has lead a
wasted life by hoarding his money instead of spending it. But where did
I make him act GREEDY, as you're saying? In fact, in Lo$ #12, you might
even say he's acting like a wastrel, easy-come & easy-go. But I'll see
what I'll do with it when I add pages to it. Perhaps I'll take that 16
pager and turn it into a 26-page full-issue story... but more likely
I'll just add about 4-5 pages.
	Yes, I DO like the idea of DD and Della being twins. But, as you
say, if I simply OMIT that one comment, everything works out fine just
as it is (as per your explanation). Della and Donald still look like
twins, and maybe they are... but I don't think anyone can trip me up on
years if I don't nail it down needlessly. I think my Duck Family Tree
will be in WDC&S #600, but naturally birthyears won't be listed, and
it's not possible to tell if siblings are twins or not on that tree.

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