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    (when you do get this I hope you've had, to quote the old song, 
the grandest time, and couldn't spend a dime, in Germany)

Yessiree, I'm still very much here, 'though a bit more on the QT these 
days for reasons I explained a while back: my immediate superior, the 
University head archivist, always knew about and never minded the time 
I spent on the Internet -- he figgers his personnel are capable of 
being responsible 'bout using work-time and -facilities for less than 
productive purposes. Our division manager however, does not quite 
share this view -- and this is of course her privilege; I'm NOT trying 
to be snide, nor am I in any way mad about this -- so we've worked out 
a kind of compromise, where I recieve the digests instead of the 
continous postings, and then take these home to peruse and/or answer 
on my own computer (which is not hooked up to the net -- I can't 
afford that yet). In this way I minimize my use of work Internet 
access for private purposes; but Alas! it also means I'm not as fast 
on the reply as I used to be. BUT know Ye all by these presents that I 
DO read each digest (a quick look-through when I empty my e-mailbox in 
the morning, and more thoroughly once I bring it back home) so 
anything you wanna say to me -- go ahead and say it! Also, an e-mail 
straight to me will (at least on a week-day) get a more immediate 
reply (straight after work, before I go home, most likely).

Sorry, everybody 'bout these off-topic ramblings, but I wanna make 
sure you don't think I've upped an' left, or sumpin'...

Anyway -- that thing in "Kvacket" #4/93, don't worry! It's a flat 
statement to the effect that Barks visited the show in Atlanta, and 
that there is information from you that Barks' "agent" has been in 
contact with egmont about a visit to Scandinavia/Europe, while "other 
/unnamed in the item/ sources" claims that the initiative comes from 

In NK #24 there's nothing much that concerns you directly, although I 
think (and as editor sincerly hope!) you would find it all fairly 
interesting on a more general basis. Also, in the letter column, 
there's a letter from a (rather young) NAFS(k) member, who says he 
wants "to solve the question about the founding of Duckburg", and we 
tell him that Barks doesn't give very much to go upon, but that you've 
presented your version (this is the letter'n'answer that accompanies 
your Cornelius-Coot-happily-looking-upon-Fort-Duckburg/"Ah even 
Americanized the name a mite"-panel on page 32) in "Last Sled to 
Dawson", "His Majesty McDuck" and "Lo$" with a short re-capitulation 
of that version.

But, seriously, Don -- have you never considered LEARNING another 
language or two? It's not all THAT difficult to learn a language, at 
least enough to be able to follow a piece of written text with some 
help from a dictionary, if not enough to speak it. Not that 
Swedish/Scandinavian should/would be a first choice, or so, but never-
the-less -- why not? From your comics, if nothing else, it's quite 
obvious that you have a feel for language and words...

Jes' an' idear -- please don't take notice or offense if found 

All my best, as always!


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