Dwight Decker's reply to: The man behind the Ducks

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at research.ptt.nl
Fri Jun 3 19:50:06 CEST 1994

I wrote:
> Yesterday I bought German pocket book ("Lustiges Taschenbuch") #196. It
> contains a very odd story called "The man behind the Ducks". It stars
> Carl Barks, an artist who lives in Grant Pass, Oregon with his wife Gare'.
> Both have dog-noses, and Carl has no hearing aid.

And Dwight Decker replied (to me; quoted with permission):
> Oh yeah. That story's Italian: I have a photocopy of its appearance in
> Topolino (circa September 1992, I think). Joe Torcivia had a copy at
> last August's San Diego comics convention and was showing it to the
> Gladstone folks. Editor John Clark thought it was interesting but said
> he doubted if it would be published in America any time soon. Too in-jokish,
> for one thing. For another, he wasn't sure about it would be
> appropriate, as Gare Barks had just died. After Carl is no longer with us,
> perhaps then they would consider it. The story also showed Gare with two
> arms, but hey, if you can't improve on real life in a Disney comic, where
> can you?

I wouldn't like the story to be reprinted by Gladstone. It's not that good
at all, and I think it would get a lot of negative reactions from die-hard
Barks fans. Besides, the mentioning of an exhibition in Venice wouldn't 
make any sense.
(But maybe I'm too negative about Italian stories in general?)


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