Lo$12, Duck Who never was and birthdays

Even Flood Even.Flood at due.unit.no
Thu Jun 9 08:29:51 CEST 1994


You asked for some comment on Lo$12 and also on  "Duck who naver was"
I have to warn you though, you are not going to like what I say.

I mean, you like constructive remarks and thughtful critical
comments (TCC) about how to make your stories better. Right? Well,
you are not going to get it. This is going to be one of those dull
drooling fan letters wich are of no use to you whatsoever,
containing only praise.

In other words I enjoyed both stories more than I have enjoyed any
Duck story for years (possibly with the exeption of GotlL). Part of
the reason is that between the two issues I had my 50th birthday
and really needed some thoughtful and sentimental stories about
life's turning points and some reflections on the meaning of life.
Your tales were right on.

First Lo$12. The end of a grand story and an uplift from the grim
ending of 11. Part 11 was the one I enjoyed least, both for the
depressing contents and also because it seemed like a necesarry
part leading up to the finale, but not of much value in itself. As
a standalone it was the weakest of the twelve parts. It will
certainly look much better when published and read together with
all the others in one volume. (And no, this is not a TCC - I do not
see how you could have made it any better!) 

But part 12 was fun. I had to reread Christmas on Bear mountain to
realize the hole story takes place between the two last pages. The
pacing was to fast in the chase - some more pages would improve it
it. But I find that most of you stories are too short, so this does
not really count as a TCC either.

And Donalds birthday must be one of your grandest tales - even if
tha fact that it appeared just after my own birthday might cloud my
judgement. You had found and used lot of details in past series and
also made a lot of important conclusions about Donald life.
Especially the fate of the boys without Donald was both hilarious,
sad and plausible. The minor gags were also great, those that I
discovered. Even the translater did not find them all. The crate
with the square eggs is labeled "Rocks" - in English. The Mickey
Mouse stand is labeled "Gudefigurer"  - that is Idols - that joke
was well handled in the translation. And the final gag about how 
Donald got his second wish was just great. Maybe the ending was 
too sentimental, but it was just what I needed. 

So here are my comments - not of much use to you, are they? 


But thank you for making my birthday better!


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