Veni, vidi, vici or something

Mikko Aittola maittola at
Thu Jun 16 10:34:20 CEST 1994

Hi guys, I just said Hi to Mr. Carl Barks. It was quite touching
moment I would (and will, and do) say. I guess he's really enjoyed his 
trip to Finland. He has volunteered twice to make autographs. First he did
surprise visit to Finlands biggest book-store 'Akateeminen Kirjakauppa'
and just this morning he was in 'Hotel Marski'. Can you believe it? I 
have to ask somebody how many people actually waited there in the row, 
but I would guess hundreds. I waited about an hour and half and that is 
supposed to be a long time for 93 year old. But Barks just looked fine
and happy. Incredible.

In interview he said that he is very pleased with Finnish audience, 
because none here has asked 'Why Donald doesn't marry Daisy?'. He
said that in previous countries everybody asked that.
(mature Finnish people, you know...  =) )

The new Barks-Van Horn story will be published in Finland in Aku Ankka
1/95 because that's also our #2000. It's 24-page long, but I forgot
to ask if he also did layouts for it... 

I wonder if that man sitting next to Barks was his manager. 
Don't you think it would have been NICE to announce the (possible) 
lawsuit against him, but then I thought I better not... =)


Aku Ankka 24/94:

  - 8-page Barks from 1959 coded 'OS 1025' (?!) 
    Donald and HDL climb to the mountain, where Beagle-Boys
    and diamond are waiting them.  

  - 8-pager by Marco Rota coded 'D 93504'.
    Very good beach-story. (And well drawn.) 

  - 5-page 'H 91140' Good dutch story about luck.

  - First part of 'W/US 31' Barks-story from 1960.
    $crooge & co are going transfer gold safely to
    Duckburg with a ship full of mice.

I also have a question about U$ #287. When and where is the second story 
published first? Did Jippes fix some 'destroyed' Barks story or is the 
script and layouts originally made for dutch publisher?


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