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> The new Barks-Van Horn story will be published in Finland in Aku Ankka
> 1/95 because that's also our #2000. It's 24-page long, but I forgot
> to ask if he also did layouts for it... 

Barks' pencil layout for the first half page was published in the Dutch
fanzine 'Stripschrift'. I guess that indicates that Barks did the script
the way he did scripts 20 years ago: deliver (quite detailed) pencil
pages for the story.

>   - 8-page Barks from 1959 coded 'OS 1025' (?!) 

Yep, that's "OS 1025". OS = One Shot, an alternative name for the Four 
Color Comics series. This particular issue was titled "Vacation in Disneyland".

>   - 5-page 'H 91140' Good dutch story about luck. by Mau Heymans.

> I also have a question about U$ #287. When and where is the second story 
> published first? Did Jippes fix some 'destroyed' Barks story or is the 
> script and layouts originally made for dutch publisher?

Barks wrote quite a few Junior Woodchuck stories in the early 70s (after he
retired). His scripts are in the same form the Trojan story is: pencilled
pages. Other artists (Kay Wright and Tony Strobl) inked the stories. They
were published in the comic series "HDL Junior Woodchucks". Some of these
stories were reprinted by Gladstone in the Digests. Most of the original
Barks pencil layouts were published in the Carl Barks Library.

The Dutch editor, who wants to reprint ALL Barks material available, did not
like the art of Wright and Strobl. So they asked Daan Jippes to re-ink the 
stories. The one in US #287 is the first one (H 9201), published first in
Dutch DD Weekly 1-1992. Original script was for HDL Junior Woodchucks #14.

Up to now Jippes re-drew 5 or 6 of the 24 stories. More information can be
found in the ftp file /pub/comics/disney/dutch/barks-index on

(I think Gladstone should have put some explanation in the comic...)


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