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Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at research.ptt.nl
Tue Jun 21 17:08:38 CEST 1994

I just sent some new files to Per, to put on our ftp site. (Maybe he gets
to it after his croquet game..)

Major changes are:

- I used information from my Dutch index and from Ole's Danish index to make
  versions of the H-coded, D-coded and S-coded lists as complete as possible.

- I converted Crone's information to a (far from complete) Swedish index.

- I made a first version of an index of the Gladstone albums "Carl Barks
  Library in Color". I still need a lot of information on exact story
  "titles" and contents. If anyone could help me on this, please do!
  Information I need is indicated by a '*' after the issue code, or by
  texts in [].

My final goal is to have all Disney comics, ever published, in the database.
I have the feeling I'm getting closer to that every day...


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