Disney-comics digest #364.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM
Thu Jun 23 06:36:55 CEST 1994

	Thanks for your comments -- and as a reward... no, I mean, I was
planning on doing this anyway, as soon as I saw you next pop up on the
Digest. As I think I told you in one of our private note exchanges, I'm
lazy enough to know it's easier to simply direct notes to you over the
Digest than to look up a line-long address to send you something
	Anyway, I finished that "Universal Solvent" story just hours
before I went to Germany a few weeks back. I would like to send you a
set of copies of the storyboard-script and of the final art in return
for your advice and help in putting the story together. It would be
better for you to wait and see the final story all in one piece, script
with art, and in color, when Gladstone uses it; but that will be most of
a year or so, and you might enjoy seeing what my work looks like in its
various stages (that is, if you are easilly amused). I'll need an

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