Disney-comics digest #366.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM
Sat Jun 25 06:39:08 CEST 1994

	Yes, Gladstone is free to publish WAR OF THE WENDIGO, as is, in
an album. Disney finally acknowledges that the albums are for a more
sophisticated audience. But Gladstone doesn't publish albums any longer,
other than the Barks library.

	Gladstone always contacts me to make sure the script they have
is my original version. I think I said that the letterer HAD the correct
script on "The Duck Who Never Was", but simply screwed it up in 4 or 5
key spots. Then John Clark failed to spot the errors when he proofread
it  -- but I can see how he was searching for misspelled words and
obvious mistakes, while these were errors of placement and not so
apparent if one is proofreading for spelling.

	Anyway, I doubt if many readers will spot the error in the
family-tree diagram, and they will most likely take the empty word
balloon in stride... but having me saying that DD was born on Sept. 6...
I'm still cussing about that one.

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