Disney-comics digest #369.

Mikko Aittola maittola at snakemail.hut.fi
Tue Jun 28 15:03:22 CEST 1994

Greg wrote:
> Too much thinking going on here.  Don writes stories set in 1954;
> Barks writes a story in 1994 (which may or may not be set explicitly in 1994).
> So what if they portray Scrooge at the same age?  Superman has been
> 29 for more than 50 years....

    Well, actually I don't care when $crooge is exactly born or how old 
    he exactly is. Don Rosa has very clear opinion about his age and I wanted 
    to know if the year 1967 is actually mentioned in some Barks' story.
    I just find it weird that Barks' managers have started counting 
    $crooge's age in Lo$ because it is based on Barks' own series. So if 
    they see something wrong in Lo$'s timeline they should blame Barks 
    and not turn this whole thing to 'anti-Rosa campaign'. 

Don wrote:
> 	These are not comments from Grandey that I can object to. 

    I didn't exactly mean that you should object to these comments
    in COURT or something. I just see a BIG difference between some 
    'private' FAX-message against you and this story in big magazine.  
    I posted the FAX-number of the magazine bacause I thought that
    maybe someone wants to clear things up or just put little
    friendly FLAME to the editors just to show that you can't
    screw with us. =) 


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