Disney-comics digest #369.

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Wed Jun 29 10:24:21 CEST 1994

> in order for the act to seem more mischievous than mean. You'll agree
> that if HD&L kicked U$'s butt it would seem very nasty since they are
> about 10 or 12 or so. So I was thinking my 1930 DD was about 7 or 8. I
> never tried to mentally readjust my Duck birth dates... let's see: say
> DD and his sister were born in 1923. Then let's say HD&L were born in
> 1938? No, that would mean Della was only 15 when she had them. And
> chapter 12 can take place no later than 1930 since it's after the stock
> merket crash. Hey... whatcha know... I've screwed myself, eh? Any
> suggestions? I think my only solution is to eliminate the comment that
> DD was "even younger" than HDL when he last saw U$.

In Stockholm we asked Barks how old HD&L are.  He said six or seven years.
You don't suppose that Ducks mature faster or at least differently than 

	Steamboatt Willie


... Does The Little Mermaid wear an algebra?


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