The database file format

Fredrik Ekman d91fe at
Thu Mar 3 13:46:10 CET 1994

Harry wrote, about the titles fields in the database:
> But I don't like to have information twice. In the many Barks reprints, the
> titles (or descriptions) don't change, so one entry in a 'story file' should
> be enough.

OK, you're probably right. I know I had some good reason for my proposal,
but I'm too tired to remember right now anyway. Expect to hear from me
again if I should remember it!

> > > - remarks
> > 
> > Why not just on comment lines like those I suggested above?
> The 'remarks' wouldn't be transferred to a 'list file' in that case. But maybe
> we want it that way.

Unless we (you) write the program so that it WILL include all remark lines
directly following the entry...

> I plan to make a few (quite simple) programs to generate the lists we already
> have from the 'database'. Other access can be done using 'grep' or 'find',
> 'sort' etc. Maybe we can make more advanced programs for database access, but
> we can postpone that to later.

Good point. I had some awfully advanced programs in mind, but like you
imply, that is really not necessary.

> I know nothing of e-mail services, so someone would have to help me with
> that if we get that far.

Me neither. And I don't remember who proposed that in the first place.
I do, however, have a few ideas on how that SHOULD work. Although I'm
still in doubt as to how many people would actually use such a service.

Keep up the good work!


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