Disney-comics digest #258.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM
Fri Mar 4 05:42:23 CET 1994

	Rather than us retelling the entire, convoluted history of
Gladstone>Disney>Gladstone everytime a new member joins this list, you
might try accessing the old Digests which I understand are available
here in some sort of library. In fact, we recapped the Disney collapse
briefly just a few messages back. 

	Your description of the coloring in your "Back to the Klondike"
Gladstone album caused me to become curious and reach for mine which is
on a shelf nearby. There was no strange coloring in the panel of DD and
the bear on the bent-over tree in MY copy. And in the scene of the
barroom brawl, there are only two fighting figures other than U$ that
aren't blue, which may or may not be how you were describing it. (I,
too, was GREATLY disappointed in that scene -- it was the first time
that panel would have been colored in America and it was the first thing
I turned to when I got that album.)

	And I'll put in my vote for NOT repeating that entire list of
introDUCKtions every time there's a revision. Some of us DO pay by the
character/letter and not by the message. I get to feeling pretty silly
myself when I see there's a long Digest to read and find out that most
of it is someone who must reprint one of MY own long messages, word for
word, before he can reply to it, rather than just making a reference to
my earlier post -- and I find I'm paying to read my own words. It's not
a big deal... just a few dollars a day at the worst. It doesn't add up
too fast, yet it could be avoided so easilly?

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