Sorry, Charlie

David A Gerstein David.A.Gerstein at
Sun Mar 6 21:27:59 CET 1994

	Dear Don,

	I'm sending this letter to the whole group because I think
others may be interested in your response.

	In the wdc index, made originally from your RBCC listings,
which we now have on ftp access, you summarize that one story involves
a "captive baby coyote," then comment, "Sorry, Charlie."

	Why have you quoted the advertising figure, Charlie the Tuna,
here?  Or is this a reference to the old Our Gang Comics feature "Wuff
the Prairie Dog," which featured a character called Charlie Coyote?  I
always have found those Wuff stories pretty darn good in fact.  Vivie
Risto -- who also did Li'l Bad Wolf and Bucky Bug every once in a long
while -- has a super style which he also got to show off in the LOONEY
TUNES comics ("Henery Hawk", as well as "Elmer Fudd" prior to 1950).

	Auf wiedersehen, folks.

	David Gerstein

	"I'm the Fuller Brush Man!  I'm givin' g'way a free semple!"
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