Disney-comics digest #263.

Gary Leach 73633.152 at CompuServe.COM
Wed Mar 9 04:14:11 CET 1994

When Disney was first publishing their own comics, it was a matter of no small
interest to us at Gladstone as to what sales figures they would post in the 
statements of ownership as required by the US Postal Service for Second Class 
Mail privileges (this is solely for subscription purposes; if you don't offer 
subscriptions, you don't have to mess with such stuff, as advertisers are 
handled on a wholly separate level). When we saw those first statements, we 
had to figure that...well, someone at Disney was misinformed. Don's 
recollected sales figures are close enough for government jazz, and correspond
to a typical PRINT RUN of the books, not how many copies were actually sold. 
As I said, someone at Disney didn't quite understand how to fill those first 
statements out properly...

Although Carl Barks was clearly the outstanding creative talent, I become more
convinced by the day that it was his late wife, Gare, who had a handle on the 
true facts of life. If we don't hear that this European tour he's going on has
killed or permanently incapacitated him, I'll be very much surprised.

With that, I bid y'all a final adieu. It's been fun, believe me, but I think 
I've vastly exceeded my useful contribution to this roundtable. Don Rosa does 
it much better than I do, anyway.

In the words of Gladstone's founder, Helmut Werb..."Keep head cool!"

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