Harry Gladstone's Birthday Bugaboo

Tryg Helseth trygve at maroon.tc.umn.edu
Wed Mar 9 13:02:02 CET 1994

Mark Mayerson:

MM>	"In Whitman's Donald Duck 169 (I think), there was the story 
MM>"Birthday Bugaboo" which seemed to be inspired by Barks and sold much 
MM>better than other Whitman comics.

David Gerstein:

DG>	At last I know that this story is not a figment of my
DG>imagination!!!  I saw it some years ago at a friend's home.  It was in
DG>her son's collection, tattered and coverless. 

This story title sounded familiar to me, so I checked my Back issues of DD 
and found it!  It is from 1976 and has a Gold Key logo. (In the '70s 
Western distributed comics both as Gold Key and as Whitman samplers...)
It's been a long time since I read this, and I don't remember the story 
at all (even after David outlined it.)  I'm hoping to get a chance to re-
read it tonight...  

DG>	It's a very mid-'40s style story in the personalities [...]
DG>The Ducks are drawn as they were about 1956, presumably because Western
DG>hated printing stories where Donald had a longer bill. 

It definitely looks like mid-50s style drawings.  I remember seeing one 
other DD story in the '70s that stood out this way from the other stories 
of the time.  I remember when I first saw it I thought it had to be a 
reprint; now I can't remember what that story was.  

BTW, Maybe Western avoided the "longer bill" because they wer trying to 
contain costs... :)

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