Disney-comics digest #266.

Mattias Hallin Mattias.Hallin at jurenh.lu.se
Mon Mar 14 09:49:34 CET 1994

"And you know, (says Don) when I look at Fulton I ALSO think of Stefan...
but he wasn't meant to look like Stefan. Yet you realize WHY he reminds
us of Stefan, right? It's that tall, thin form wearing a raccoon cap as
Stefan does at comic shows and such (or all the time, for all I know)."


There's more to it than that: what REALLY makes it look like Stefan is the
total effect of a) the tall thin form; b) the raccoon cap; c) the black,
stripey hair; d) the lack of chin; and e) the prominent beak (in Stefan's
personal case, nose).

In the Swedish translation you don't particularly realize that this is Gyro's
father, nor even that it's a Gearloose -- but maybe that'll be inferrable once
tGottLL is published here, too.

And about the female dresses -- well, I see your points; both regarding the
"need" for long dresses to give a period feel to them, and also, as you say,
that it does make your female ducks a bit awkward at times. I checked how Barks
portrays Daisy and Grandma, and he has them wearing short dresses, but with
frills (wether clothes or feathers one must guess) around their legs. It
occured to me, however, that Glittering Goldie does wear long dresses, so I'll
check that out, too, to see how Barks solved the problem (which I don't think
of as a major one).

And, yeah -- I second your motion to table our argument about moneybinbuilding.

All in favor say "Aye"... AYE!

Motion carried!

All my best


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