Whatcher up ta naow?

Mattias Hallin Mattias.Hallin at jurenh.lu.se
Wed Mar 16 09:47:33 CET 1994


       it's been kinda dull on here for the last 36 hours or so -- has everyone
gone away to see their mother, or what? (I do after all count upon you folks to
make my coffeebreak worthwile!).


    What is your present project, now that you've finished Lo$? Are you doing
anything right now, or just planning sumpin'? Or would you rather not dicuss
that topic? Maybe getting a spot of well-earned rest?

Also, I remember you said you are going to N~rnberg this summer. Any other
places in Europe you'll be visiting? How long will you be over here? Why am I
such a curious nosey-parker?

Anyway -- my regards to all as always



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