Diamond Previews March 1994

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Source:  Diamond Previews  Vol 4 no 3	March 1994	page 120
Titles Shipping in May 1994

Graphic Novels
CBLoDonald Duck Adventures in Color #5
[...] This issue:  "Volcano Valley" from Donald Duck Four Color #147, plus "Riddle of the Red Hat", Barks's only Mickey Mouse story.
SC, 8x11, 48pg, FC	$7.95

CBL Album #29
WDC&S in Color
..."Trouble Indemnity"	WDC&S #181
[whoops.  That should be "WDC&S #180.]
"The Chickadee Challenge"	WDC&S #181
"The Unorthodox Ox"	#182
"The Custard Gun"	#183
"Three Un-Ducks"	#184
Also contains Gladstone Gander trading card.  [Should have been #13.]

DDA #27
Contains a 26-page western yarn--"The Mystery of Widow's Gap"--by Duck newcomers Fernandez and Block.
FC	$1.50

WDCaS #592
In this double sized issue:
A 10-page Duck story be William Van Horn,
the final installment of Floyd Gottfredson's "Hoppy the Kangaroo", starring Mickey Mouse,
and a 32-page tribute to Donald Duck, drawn by Tony Strobl.
FC, 64pg (Note Price)	$2.95

Uncle Scrooge #287
Features teh third chapter of Don Rosa's "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck".
Also contains "Duckmade Disaster"--a story written during the sixties by Carl Barks, and re-drawn by Daan Jippes.  New cover image by Don Rosa.
FC	$1.50

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