Don's Journey.

Sigurdur Hrafn Gislason shg at
Mon Mar 21 12:48:28 CET 1994

If your new story is going to be based on Jules Verne's classic, I was
wondering if you were going to use the same locations as he did?
I live here in Iceland and can see Mt. Snaefell from my own bedroom
window (that was supposed to be the spot where they descended).
I even went camping last summer under the glacier/mountain. Did you know
for example that this mountain has become a some sort of a focus
point for a lot of new-age people? It is supposed to channel psychic energy or 
something like that. There even was a UFO convention there last summer.

If you need any data on our culture or even some pictures from this
area, I will be glad to help.


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