Announcing easter issue of Kalle Anka & Co.

Fredrik Ekman d91fe at
Sat Mar 26 20:48:00 CET 1994

Hi gang!

Since it's kind of quiet around here with both Mattias and
David away for easter hollidays, I thought I could just go
ahead and announce the latest issue of Swedish Kalle Anka &
Co. I assume that the other Scandinavian issues are the same
or at least very similar.

This double-sized easter issue is the best I've seen for a
very long time. It has one ten-pager and one one-pager by
Barks. How long has it been since a regular Swedish issue
carried two Barks comics? I can't remember any for a couple
of years at least. It also has the latest Van Horn story; a
brilliant ten-pager about spring cleaning. There are also
several unusually good Egmont stories, the first of them the
best Egmont (except Rosa and Van Horn) that I've read for a
very long time. And as if this wasn't enough, there's a
wonderful poster of one of Barks' oils, four times the size
of the comic book.

Don't miss it!


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