Easter issue of Kalle Anka & Co.

Fredrik Ekman d91fe at neptunus.pt.hk-r.se
Mon Mar 28 10:00:12 CEST 1994

> Could you describe this oil? (Just curious. Don told us that Egmont stopped
> reprinting Barks' oils when Barks said he didn't like that)

Actually, I haven't even pulled it out and examined it closely yet, but
there's a small reproduction of it on the front page and another inside
the comic book. It depicts donald and the nephews in the car. They seem
to be out on a ride in the mountains and they are (if I remember
correctly) very close to fall off a narrow bridge. There are also several
wild animals all around that seem ready to attack any second. HD&L seem
completely terrified while Donald is absolutely calm. The whole picture
goes in some dark blue colour.


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