Chalker's IBO$M, New Zealand Gophers

Tryg Helseth trygve at
Tue Mar 29 11:16:52 CEST 1994


> [...] He uses ANY story that appears in U$ #1-71, regardless of
> who wrote or drew the tale. I can't figure this out, but that's the
> case [...] He also seemed to ignore lots of stuff that did NOT happen
> to appear in U$ comics.

But Don, Chalker does state in his introduction that he considers (for 
whatever reason) only the stories appearing in Uncle $crooge to be 
canonical.  That's why he ignores the others.

>[...] and that someone had told him that Barks wrote everything in first 71
>issues (though I assume he could see there were different artists).

The book's bibliography by Kim Weston explains why some of the non-Barks 
stories were included.  (Only two were mentioned as being used--"Invisible 
Intruder" and "Travel Tightwad.")


>Therefore, I [...] gophered to Minnesota, selected the "all the gophers in
>the world", and then selected the following menu choices [...]

Wow!  You burrowed all the way to Minnesota and didn't even say "hello?"  :)

BTW, that's sounds like a neat trick using Gopher to mail a file back to
yourself.  I want to try it some day.

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