No chance?

Mikko Henri Juhani Aittola maittola at
Thu Mar 31 08:57:56 CEST 1994

I'm sorry, but I have to hesitate DON with this: 

> I asked Don Rosa:
> > Don, have you ever actually considered to shock the 'Mouse Universe' with
> > your 'irritating details'?

> Harry replied with Don Rosa quote: 
>>> As for me ever doing a Mickey Mouse story, there's no chance of that.
>>> There's no reason for me to. I am totally apathetic toward the character
>>> as being simply a cute configuration of lines. There's no personality.
>>> Sure, in the hands of another Barks, Mickey would become a WONDERFUL
>>> character. 

       That's exactly what I mean. Let's just replace 'another Barks'
       with something else, like:

           Sure, in the hands of Don Rosa (ahem!), Mickey would become
           a wonderful character. 8-)
             I think if anybody it's you who can put personality in 
           a comic book character.
>>> I'll be glad to do a Mickey Mouse story after someone else writes and 
>>> draws classic Mickey comics for 25 years and gets me interested in 
>>> those cute ink lines. As of right now... feh.  

       Somebody's got to be the first. Why not you. :)
       I'm not trying to force you or anything... 

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