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Wed May 4 10:29:52 CEST 1994


>I've also updated the entries on Barks's stay in Sweden there.  Before
>it seemed like Swedish fans would get no opportunity at all to see
>Barks during his visit here, but things have changed and NAFS(k) will
>be allowed to arrange a public meeting with Barks Sunday June 19.
>More information on this meeting will be sent out to NAFS(k) members
>later.  I think it's hard to think of any questions I'd like to ask
>Barks.  It seems like I've already seen him answer every question I
>could think of that I would be interested in his answer for.
>What will happen in all the other countries Barks will visit?  At the
>NAFS(k) annual meeting recently I heard something about a panel
>discussion (?) and other stuff in Norway, but I don't remember exactly
>what I heard.  I think Geir was involved in it though.  Could you tell
>us more about this, Geir?

Wow, you are lucky. I myself havent heard a word about what is going to
happen in Norway, except for having had some revised schedules sent to me
recently from the USA. I never hear anything from the Norwegian Duck
authorities. So I have arranged for myself to be in Oslo in connection with
my work those days Barks are in Oslo so that I will have the chance of at
least seeing him live.

ALL: My heavy work schedule has prevented me from mailing you the last
month or so, but I have saved the digests and hope to work my way through
them soon.

Geir Hasnes

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