Hi, Heidi!

David A Gerstein David.A.Gerstein at williams.edu
Thu May 5 05:20:26 CEST 1994

	Dear Heidi MacDonald,

	Interesting to know that you're now on our newsgroup.  I
wonder a few things about DISNEY ADVENTURES.

	Is there any plan to include further stories with any of the
"old" Disney characters -- by that, I mean Donald, Mickey, and
pre-DuckTales Scrooge -- in this series?  And is there any hope of the
comic portion of the digest being expanded?  That's the ideal way to
allocate space for these characters.

	I'm wondering why Disney does not try to market its classic 
characters to kids today in the DA digest format.  Something needs to
be done, for as you'll see from reading this newsgroup, the classic
Disney characters have a popularity in Europe that's just staggering
compared to here, and it's due 100% to effective comic promotion of
	Here, very few people even know that the main Disney
characters appear in comics.  Sad, but true.  DA could do a lot to
change that, and it could do it the way that it's done in Europe -- by
promoting the Barks versions of the Ducks, and (as in the few
countries where MM is as popular as DD) the Gottfredson version of
Mickey.  (Yep, I bought "Return to Blaggard Castle" AND "Lost on a
Desert Island" reprint -- it's that kinda thing that's best for
	If MM and DD (especially MM) don't sell well -- and at the
Comic-Con I was told just that by DA staff -- it's only due to the
lack of exposure they get.  Kids, the main audience for DA, *need* to
see these characters in comics -- and as the general public is unaware
of Gladstone's products, this may be their only chance!

	I don't know exactly what you have to do with such format
decisions, but I'll say it's good to have you here, and I'm hoping you
can answer such questions for us.

	I've sent this letter out to the newsgroup in general, because
I know others here will want to know, as well.  (Ducks of a feather
quack together)  :-)


	David Gerstein

	"By gollies, that dream gave me an *idea*!  I'm gonna build an
*aeroplane* and learn how to *fly* like *Lindy!*"
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