"Van Horn" story / codes KD and AR / Murry in WDC

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at research.ptt.nl
Thu May 5 18:34:20 CEST 1994

Helge Slash That O Please wrote:

> The story is in the forthcoming Norwegian Donald Duck & co dated 
> May 10th, and it's not by Van Horn. It's H-coded, and is probably
> by the same person who drew the #2000-story - whose name escapes me
> (Ab Heuken or something similar?).

It's Mau Heymans. The (13-page) story probably is coded H 87048. I don't
know the writer of this story.

> But Van Horn is present in the same Norwegian issue. It looks like him,
> at least. It's a Donald story in 3-strip (!), coded KD (and a number).

The 'K' indicates that it is made for Disney Comics (note the capital C).
The 'D' means that it was made for the comic 'Donald Duck Adventures'.

Van Horn always drew his comics in 3 strips per page, when he worked for
Disney Comics. The stories he later did for Egmont (Denmark), where 4-
strip, because that's Egmont's standard (and of Dutch editor GP too).

I think they are afraid that if the readers see a 3-line story, they would
complain that they didn't get value for their money. In Holland, all
3-line American stories were re-formatted to 4-line stories. Only since
the mid-80s, they started making exceptions for early Barks stories and Van

> What does KD stand for?

Yes, does someone know why Disney Comics used a 'K'? And why they used 
'J' (and later 'KJ') from 1991 on?

And another thing about story codes: isn't it strange that Gladstone's
own stories are coded "AR" again? "AR" means "Another Rainbow", which was 
the parent company of Gladstone in their first run, but now it's "The Bruce
Hamilton Company"...

> Also in the same issue is a reprint of a Mickey Mouse continuation
> story from WDC375 with a pirate plot set in the 17.-18. century with
> Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Pete. I have always (well, for almost 20
> years) thought that that story and the other Mickey continuation
> stories by the same artist were by Paul Murry, but the editor's column
> says it's by Floyd Gottfredson! 

The 3x8 pages MM stories are (almost) always drawn by Paul Murry. I don't 
have or know a reprint of WDC 375, but if the art looks a lot like the 
other 3x8-page stories, the editor is definitely wrong.


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