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	Here I am already -- with a few late comments on past subjects:


	Those albums your shop-owner friend showed you would EITHER be old issues of Gladstone`s pre-Disney-Disneys comic albums; OR part of their present intended-to-be-complete (or so it seems) Carl Barks Library in Color. You do know, I suppose, about their original Carl Barks Library, the complete reissue of Barks` duck comics, printed in black and white and presented in ten slip-cased sets, each consisting of three large-format hardcover books. (I paid US$ 810 for my complete set back in `87; and never regretted a single cent of that money)

Well, now they`re making us hard-core suckers (one born ev`ry minute -- and I`m sure one of `em!) buy the same comics (and stories -- no, sorry 'bout that!) again, only this time printed in colour, and sold separatly as soft-cover comic albums, ranging in price between (I think) US$ 8.95 and 12.95, but certainly not 20, although I guess your friend might to have to charge you that much to cover his overheads. The least expensive way to get`em is probably to subscribe directly from Gladstone -- in that case you pay only the cover price plus a not-too-hefty postage and handling surcharge; the drawback being they ship`em to you surface mail, which is slow. Once they start coming, though, you`ll get`em just as regularly as if bought from the stand, though about two months behind schedule of course. They too, are worth the money, I guess, `though I haven`t really dared figger the final cost out -- I want mah poor achin` wallet t` be able t` git his nights rest, dontcha know?!

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