English-language version of "Guardians"

Wilmer Rivers rivers at seismo.CSS.GOV
Sun May 8 04:57:25 CEST 1994

Don Rosa writes:
> And the dialogue is
> 100% my original script...except in ONE BALLOON, which bothers me so
> much that I might ask for a public apology from someone. I don't wish to
> be known as the man who introduced the word "BARF" into Disney comicdom.
And I thought this was one of your English-language puns, for sure!
By "telling barks from barfs", I thought you were referring to recogniz-
ing stories by certain inferior Disney artists who shall go nameless
(although on this list they usually don't).  So what was your original
line about the "technicolor yawn" supposed to have been?  And would it
have been preferable to have avoided "barf" by saying, oh, "telling
howl from hurl"?  Or whatever the current more-or-less-humorous expres-
sion is for what stand-up comics sometimes call the "diced-carrot yodel"
or the "porcelain hello" or...

Wilmer Rivers

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