Hello amigos

Elon V. Brisola elon at VNET.IBM.COM
Mon May 9 18:47:59 CEST 1994

Hi, I'm sorry to take this long. I was out in the middle of nowhere without
email for a week.

DAVID: (Fethry as a superhero)
I don't know who Darkwing Duck is. I've seen only Rescue Rangers and some
Donald Duck on TV, lately. But that doesn't sound like what I was talking
about. Anyway, this hero Fethry thing is from the '70es.

HARRY: (very old question)
any Barks or Rosa here in Brazil?
Never seen any Don Rosa work. I'm curious to see it, and sent a subscription
request to Gladstone. I'll post my first impressions when (if) I get it.
But, I've read lots of Barks, and many Gottfredson (sp?) stories, since I
was a little kid. I hardly find any Barks story which I haven't already read
in Portuguese...
The comics nowadays have mostly I codes, or D codes (is that Denmark?), and
B code. B coded stories used to be better in the '70es than they are now,

All for now. The best for you,

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