I'm visiting Vancouver!

Nikolaus Andresen niko at otto.ramz.ing.tu-bs.de
Thu May 12 14:02:59 CEST 1994

Hi there Barks and Gottfredson-freaks!

I know I'm not one of the regular posters
( mostly when I have requests :-) )
but nevertheless I've got another question:

Are there any canadian members from the region 
around Vancouver or US-members from the west 
down to California in this list ?

Me, I'm one of the german members of
this list and I'm going for a summer-job
abroad to Vancouver from July to September,
and maybe I'll travel around a bit down
to the states. 

If anyone is interested to be visited :-)
and have a chat with a big Barks and
Gottfredson fan, just let me know!

Nikolaus Andresen
<niko at ramz.ing.tu-bs.de>

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